Stephen Howard

Clubhouse in the Park II

Oil on Board

900 x 1200 mm


About this artwork

Through ‘Clubhouse in the Park II’ Howard explores details that remain in the memory, such as an abstract recollection of trees where colour and form are as we recall, rather than how they appear in reality. Similarly, architectural details of the clubhouse are minimal, and particular elements may be omitted entirely, with only key features remaining in the memory. Shadows fall from the detailed corrugated iron roof over the still clubhouse’s windows and softly rendered curtains within, open and closed. A vibrant red bench, a recurring feature of Howard’s works, draws the eye – an invitation. Inspired by an idyllic summer’s day spent at Queens Park, Invercargill, ‘Clubhouse in the Park II’ exudes a heady sense of warmth and serenity, and engages with the very human notion of memory and recollection.

Artist bio

Working diversely within a broader abstract methodology, Stephen Howard’s nonrepresentational compositions of landscapes are paired with a precise handling of colour, light, and fine detail, imbuing his paintings with a colliding sense of tension and expression. His sensitive understanding of a vibrant palette in oils creates a luminosity that emphasises his true subjects – light and movement.


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