Stephen Howard

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Stephen Howard is a Nelson based artist known for his finely painted contemporary landscapes.

Non-representational compositions paired with a distinctive handling of colour and light steep Howard's works with unique notions of abstraction while maintaining a connectivity to both his subject and the viewer.

Working in fine oil, Howard's sensitive understanding of a vibrant palette creates a luminosity that emphasises his true subjects, light and movement. Extracted elements of a landscape, such as trees, are subjected to the force of light and appear as though they have been touched by wind. The light chooses its subject and bends its will effortlessly, just as the artist does. The surrounding landscape remains still and waiting.

This poetic dichotomy of this movement and stillness presses on a sense of captured growth and time, further emphasizing metaphoric abstraction.

Howard has been exhibiting in solo and group exhibitions in Christchurch, Wellington and Auckland since 1978.

Parnell Gallery has represented Howard since August 2009.

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