Vicky Savage


Bronze & Gold Leaf on Marble Base

280 x 370 mm



About this artwork

Two figures reach for each other, one extending a beautiful golden kauri leaf. The pair are working together from a distance, finding balance to stay strong upon a bronze beam that appears to teeter atop a conical support set on marble. The joyful glimmer of the gilded kauri leaf illuminates the bronze sculpture, a sense of light and promise between the two figures.

Artist bio

Vicky Savage is an Auckland-based sculptor specializing in bronze.

Savage focuses on the expression of human relationship, whether this be in terms of another or regarding a particular environment or phase of life. Her aesthetic employs a harmonious fusion of symbolism, scale and design. The artist’s innate ability to find balance among these aspects results in the deceptively simple realisation of the essence of relationships and their place within the environment.

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