Vicky Savage


Vicky Savage is an Auckland-based sculptor specializing in bronze.

Savage focuses on the expression of human relationship, whether this be in terms of another or regarding a particular environment or phase of life. Her aesthetic employs a harmonious fusion of symbolism, scale and design. The artist’s innate ability to find balance among these aspects results in the deceptively simple realisation of the essence of relationships and their place within the environment.


In one of her works ‘making time’ a tiny pacing man is dwarfed by a young plant, a deft manipulation of scale and meaning which conveys the fruit of this effort. In another, a figure pushes a globe uphill, this literal ‘taking on the world’ expressing a spirit of human endeavour and realisation against the odds. This sense of striving and achievement is a celebratory theme which is often explored through the use of stairs, carved into a solid, monumental base. A resting couple reflect at the top of their respective stairs as two halves of the whole in ‘A Moment in Time Together.’ Similarly in ‘Journey II’ a tiny, delicately realised couple celebrate at the top of a long climb; again the finely balanced juxtaposition of scale and symbolic aspects perfectly express the sentiment of the work.

Perhaps it is because Savage’s sculpture evokes memories or fragments of personal history that one can relate to it so strongly.  Each piece is a visual reference point of a specific moment. It is this concept of memento, trophy or record that is so integral to her work, and can be seen in both the physical presentation and symbolic meaning.

Savage uses an approach that ties ‘the formal elements of bronze to a contemporary world’ resulting in pieces which are timeless, yet refreshing and stimulating to live with.

Parnell Gallery has represented Vicky savage since 1996.

Vicky Savage creates bronze sculptures from her Auckland New Zealand Studio