Vicky Savage


Vicky Savage is a contemporary New Zealand sculptor based in Auckland.

Known for her harmonious fusion of symbolism, scale, and design, Savage creates timeless and engaging works in bronze. Each sculpture is a visual reference point of a moment in time, many symbolising the essence of human relationships and their place within the environment. It is this engaging concept of memento that invites the viewer to complete the allegory of each piece as they bring their own evocations, memories, and personal history to the space.

Playing with scale, Savage employs both tiny yet finely detailed figures and small-scale, expressive, and minimalist representations of the human form. Her figures are predominantly engaged with another element such as a set of stairs, a golden sphere, or another being, inviting a narrative of the relationship between each beautifully represented feature. Savage’s works frequently evoke a sense of achievement and celebration for the figure depicted. Through these works, the artist poetically explores themes around the spirit of human endeavour, overcoming, rising against the odds, and particularly the notion that we must remind ourselves to be present in the moment.

Having studied life drawing and sculptural practices in both national and international studios since 1992, Savage completed a Bachelor of Fine Arts at Elam School of Fine Arts in 2004, majoring in sculpture.

Parnell Gallery has represented Vicky Savage since 1996.

Vicky Savage creates bronze sculptures from her Auckland New Zealand Studio