Vicky Savage


Bronze with Marble Base

330 x 260 mm



About this artwork

In ‘A Moment of Reflection’, a bronze figure looks into a silver reflective space, viewing and being present in ‘the now’, while the future is unwritten. The viewer too is able to glance into this space and find their present moment reflected back, a reminder that we are here in ‘the now’.

Artist bio

Vicky Savage is a contemporary New Zealand sculptor based in Auckland.

Known for her harmonious fusion of symbolism, scale, and design, Savage creates timeless and engaging works in bronze. Each sculpture is a visual reference point of a moment in time, many symbolising the essence of human relationships and their place within the environment. It is this engaging concept of memento that invites the viewer to complete the allegory of each piece as they bring their own evocations, memories, and personal history to the space.

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