We are delighted to have available in the gallery, the exquisite Spirit – Conversations with Creative Women by Jannine Wilkinson and Ann Orman.A conversation between two friends sparked an idea, which quickly grew and launched into a project of passion – to produce a book celebrating creative women in New Zealand.


Jannine Wilkinson and Ann Orman released SPIRIT – Conversations with Creative Women in October this year, the result of three years of research, photography, and interviews with women in the arts who have opened their homes and studios to the authors for a candid and engaging view into their practices and lives.Alongside pages of artfully photographed studios, artworks, and the artists themselves, interviews with 34 inspiring and accomplished creatives offer over 320 pages of insight, inspiration, and celebration. With a forward by Rt Hon. Helen Clark reminding readers that following our own passions creates and brings it’s own rewards – the book is mighty encouragement to believe in, support, and celebrate our own talents along with those in our lives who are striving to realise their dreams.


Parnell Gallery’s own Vicky Savage is an Auckland-based sculptor specializing in bronze who has been featured in this stunning publication. Known for her harmonious fusion of symbolism, scale, and design, Savage creates works in bronze. Each sculpture is a visual reference point of a moment in time, many symbolising the essence of human relationships and their place within the environment. It is this engaging concept of memento that invites the viewer to complete the allegory of each piece as they bring their own evocations, memories, and personal history to the space.




Vicky Savage works from her studio in Auckland and has been exhibiting her work at the Parnell Gallery for the past thirteen years. During this time she spent four years studying at Elam and completed her degree in fine art, majoring in sculpture. Her work is generally cast in bronze, and are about recognising the moment and appreciating the present. The pieces depict balance and striving in life.

Vicky uses the ‘lost-wax’ technique – a process that dates back the Yayoi period, c. 200 BC. It’s a fascinating story and one that comes to life in Vicky’s hands.

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