We are just delighted that Tim Jones’ 2024 exhibition body of work, ‘Quo Vadis’ was featured in the JUNE/JULY issue of the HOME Magazine.

The feature includes an image of the titular painting in Tim Jones’ ‘Quo Vadis’, an engaging tondo that glows from within its warm palette of golden mustard hues, contrasted by striking ravines of muted steely teal-blue and white. Jones titled the painting and the exhibition, ‘Quo Vadis’, meaning “Where are you going?” in Latin, serving as a poignant invitation from the artist to make space for introspection.

In a recent conversation with Jones, he described how the process of creating this painting invited contemplation, and that in naming the piece it felt fitting to offer the same meaning as the exhibition as a whole. He says, “Traditionally, there is often one piece in the show whose title matches that of the exhibition. This painting has qualities that invite the viewer to contemplate the timeless question of direction and purpose in life”.